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I’ve seen more assaults both here and elsewhere by a number of “ex” Catholics who have thrown up the same old disproved arguments against the Church. While some of them have crumbled and returned to the Church, others have proven more dug in with the brainwashing they have received against the Church since leaving it. To this point, I have had the replies from my Catholic education both in college and by my own reading. I also have a number of books as resources, however both of these have proven to be less useful than in the past as many now use the computer to communicate. In doing a search I have found this handy, free downloadable source of good Catholic information. It is most helpful when dealing with Evangelical Protestants who don’t want to even discuss any of the historical facts about the Apostles and Early Church, as they have been told if it is not in the Bible it is suspect or a lie. While they may still balk at some of the unchanging interpretaions of the Sacred Scriptures which Protestant revolutionaries invented in the 16th Century and later, this is a valuable resource.

Download, read, and pray for those souls who have been led away from our Lord and the Church He founded.


Read over the rest of the website. Do however take to heart that neither this website nor I have 100% of the answers, nor do either of us speak with ultimate authority, it is the Church of Christ, the Catholic Church that has the authority that Christ gave her that is the ultimate authority on earth. What the web page or I have to say is of any authority only when it is accord with the Church.

Pray for me.