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No Ronnie, not personal attacks, nor “my garbage” just statements of facts. When you are confronted with your ill behavior you run and hide behind the canard that you are being attacked. When I posted as a suggestion to the other posters here books that show scriptural proof of the Catholic Church and stories of former Evangelicals who have found the historical Jesus and His Church leaving behind the errors of Sola Scriptura without reading the books called them evil, yet the non-history and “proofs” taken out of context written by discredited writers like Hislop and Bottiner which you take at face value because they attack the Church and conform to your angry theology.

When others and myself stated that we as Catholics do not worship statues, nor do we worship Mary and the Saints you belittled both Catholics and the Saints. Throwing tantrums like a little school child or ignoring statements both scriptural and non-scriptural and then later telling us that nobody has answered your questions is your M.O. Changing the subject when you either don’t have an answer, or using sarcasim is your common ploy. Complaining that you are persecuted when you are called on your behavior, retreating into whining that everyone is being mean to you when you liberally fling insults at the Catholic Faith and Her teachings, history and apologetics as well as posters here is your typical behavior, which you call teaching. But when someone brings up your behavior, thinking yourself to be the only one saved here, you become unglued. That unstable behavior is what I am pointing out, it is not as your paranoia would have you believe an attack simply a statement regarding your overreactions to anyone who does not follow lock step with you. That, and my concern for your estrangement from Christ, Ronald just two of the reasons you remain in my prayers.