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[quote:gq6coiqb]And who told you having pictures of loved ones means you can pray to them? There is a big, BIG difference so why confuse the issue?[/quote:gq6coiqb]

Hmm, So Ronald can assert that the fact I have art that depicts our Lady and St. John at the foot of the Cross, or a statue of Moses or of a Saint and that I as a Catholic it is proof that I bow down to graven images and worship them, even though I have said I don’t worship statues, and the Catholic Church forbids the worship of statues, contrary to the anti-catholic sources he has been taught by. Any other apparent disobedience to the command to not make any images of anything in the heavens or on earth by other than Catholics is not a rupture of the law. We can also ignore the brazen serpent and the Cherubim and other images that adorned the Temple in Jerusalem. In some cases he tells us that the law is abolished and in others it is not. But in all things only he can tell us. How blind I have been to have not recognized that the unchanging teachings of the Church from the time of the Apostles was all wrong, and that Ron and his selective interpretation is correct. Too bad it took 2000 years for someone to explain it all to the world, those poor souls for the first two millenia who did not have Ron as their prophet and guide.