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LARoberts says (as typically he always does) :

That is what type of an answer one will find if they do not follow Scriptures – the written word of God, not men. It may seem anti-catholic to those that have never seeked the truth from God’s word, but as Jesus said “If you are in the Word, you’ll know the truth and the truth WILL set you free” (John 8:31,32)

Oh my gosh, what a suprise, someone comes into a Catholic forum, says about how only he knows the truth, and the unchanging truths taught by the evil Roman Catholic Church which plots to overthrow the world and make everyone bow down to idols is false, and then is upset when the authentic teachings of the Church, the same teachings as the Apostles received from Christ Jesus are upheld. [/quote:3alb3xgc]
The problem is that your church does NOT follow those teachings or I wouldn’t be here!
Even when the errors in the arguments against the Church and fabrications against the Church are pointed out. Even when the Scriptures and the authentic interpretation that has sustained souls unto their salvation is reviewed, it is insufficient because a proof text taken out of context is sufficient to prove his personal interpretation (at least sufficient for himself) Then Catholics are painted as being boastful because they have not seen fit to change what has always been held from the time of the Apostles to fit into a private interpretaion which contradicts 75% of what other Sola Sciptura adherents have been told by their own private revelations.[/quote:3alb3xgc]
BUT none of this is truthful, as I can prove if you’d evenpay attention in the slightest of details!

[quote:3alb3xgc] Now who here is boastful? Those who submit themselves to Christ and the authority He gave the Church, or someone who tells us that we should toss out what the Apostles preached and follow him? [/quote:3alb3xgc]
Yes lets look close to see just who is the false teacher! I’m all for that!
but Catholics continue to think they can gain Heaven by going to communion – Now tell me – who is misleading whom????

Ronald: once again you prove yourself to be deluded and prone to the misrepresentations of your taskmasters who have confused you with taking select “proof texts” from both the Bible and the Unchanged Teachings of Christ given us by Him to the Apostles and unchanged to this day by the Church.[/quote:3alb3xgc]
Good lets do exactly that!

[quote:3alb3xgc] Jesus lays down many requirements for salvation. In one handful of verses He tells us one of them is Faith, which comes as a gift from God. [/quote:3alb3xgc]
Yes indeed and this is by grace, not works just as Ephesians 2:8+9 tell us so that we can do good works, just as Ephesians 2:10 explains and Romans 3:19-28 and there is more verses that says just this- it is a gift (Romans 6:23)

[quote:3alb3xgc]We also read in the Scriptures that we are to be baptized, we read that we are to keep the commandments, we read we are to Love the Lord our God with our whole heart and our whole soul, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.[/quote:3alb3xgc]
And all these things are a result of having FIRST that saving faith otherwise what we have is a wage (Romans 4:4-6) not a gift by grace (Romans 11:6 also shows this)

[quote:3alb3xgc] We read that Faith without works is dead.[/quote:3alb3xgc]
Yes it does tell us that in James which just proves that if you didn’t have that saving faith, but only boasted that you had the faith you’d be lying. The difference is obvious when a person trtusts in what Jesus did upon Calvery’s cross alone to get their souls cleaned or they think somehow that they can merit God’s grace through the righteous acts that they do. which Titus 3:5 says (and Romans 9:30-32 and 10:2-4 shows) can’t be done.

[quote:3alb3xgc] As Catholics we know that our own works are useless if they are done in a sinful state, and are done with our own self interests, but when done in a state of grace and when elevated by the fact that we offer to God those things He has given us, in true worship and honor and in unity with His grace and will they are eleveated not because we have done them, but because He has elevated them by His grace.[/quote:3alb3xgc]
Look at what you write here – You admit that we can’t do them but then you turn around and say you can by His grace – the double talk is so obvoius!

[quote:3alb3xgc]As Catholics we don’t simply use one proof text about the foundation of the Church, we know Jesus founded it, and is the chief cornerstone, we submit to that, but we also read in Scripture Peter being the Rock on which Christ will build His Church, and how the Apostles are the foundation of the Church.[/quote:3alb3xgc]
Yes lookat Matthew 16:18 – it doesn’t say upon Peter’s church or that Peter would build his church. Look at what it says: I (Jesus not Peter) would Build my Church (again Jesus’ church not Peter’s). This is right after Peter declarers that Jesus is the Messiah – upon that fact, that Jesus is the Messiah. Note that shortly af ter this Jesus tells Peter to “get behind me Satan” – when Peter showed that he wasn’t infallible for a fact, but still very much human.

[quote:3alb3xgc] Protestandt tend to look at one or two proof texts and ignore the rest of the Scriptures which brings with it a warped theology. [/quote:3alb3xgc]

[quote:3alb3xgc]The Catholic Faith looks at the entire Bible which shows the entire plan of salvation and is not a single requirement, but the entire plan for God’s Grace.[/quote:3alb3xgc]
Oh really? I think I’ve proven just how backwards your claims above really are!

[quote:3alb3xgc] Rather than plucking a verse out of the Bible and bending it to fit our private interpretation that differs from the next person who comes along, we submit ourselves to Christ’s will and follow the Church He founded and promised to remain with. [/quote:3alb3xgc]
And as I said earlier- who is trying to deceive whom? I can back up my claims WITH HIS WORD, not by popular so-called quotes by everyone that you claimed said this or that as what you claim was their staements and Paul wrote to watch out for in Galatians 1:6-9. My proof is God’s written word itself!!!
I know one day soon you will see the entire plan of salvation and the way that Christ’s Church, remaining faithful to the traditions He taught the Apostles will bring you home, rather than relying on the private interpretations of men who follow the rebellion of the 16th Century revolutionaries. As for me, I’d rather choose the entire Jesus, rather than the edited and forever in dispute version of Protestantism[/quote:3alb3xgc]
And as I’ve told you many times before, I have God’s plan, now it is your turn to come to the truth and reject your false religion!!!!