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LARoberts says:

[quote:2l57587r]Ron writes lots of things that he has been told by his anti-catholic sources, the problem with his sources is they isolate concepts and ideas out of context from history and in an attempt to mislead people[/quote:2l57587r]

That is what type of an answer one will find if they do not follow Scriptures – the written word of God, not men. It may seem anti-catholic to those that have never seeked the truth from God’s word, but as Jesus said “If you are in the Word, you’ll know the truth and the truth WILL set you free” (John 8:31,32)

One only has to look at what I tried to show with my last post, (but somehow it got erased. Seems like only so much is allowed in this website, mostly catholic without caring for the truth.) where I went to John’s gospel – pointed out the problems of taking it literally- John 6 Jesus says that we would not die, would not hunger or thirst – yet we physically do all three of these, so was He talking literal or spiritual? He even tells us this in John 6:63- My words are spiritual, for the flesh means nothing. I also pointed out that in Matthew 15:11, 17 Jesus and the disciples were reprimanded for picking and eating the grain – Jesus said that nothing that
one puts into the mouth defiles them but what comes from the heart does, which shows whatever enters the mouth has no bearing in any matters, but how one believes does. Yet Catholics and others such as Lutherans don’t understand that communion only points us to be reminded of the only important case- Jesus death and resurrection. Ephesians 2:8+9 also tells us that its by faith not works LEST ONE BOASTS and then Titus 3:5 also tells us that salvation isn’t a matter of the righteous things that we do – but Catholics continue to think they can gain Heaven by going to communion – Now tell me – who is misleading whom????