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Ron wrote:By the way, transubstantiation wasn’t proclaimed until the year 1215 by Pope Innocent III – again a tradition of man, not the Word of God

[color=blue:2oc0olco]Martin Luther created “Consubstantiation” about 1516 after breaking away from the Catholic religion,so does that mean it’s a Lutheran tradition? I really cant see nothing wrong in tradition.[/color:2oc0olco]

“Consubstantiation” is a term commonly applied to the Lutheran concept of the communion supper, though some modern Lutheran theologians reject the use of this term because of its ambiguity. The expression, however, is generally associated with Luther. The idea is that in the communion, the body and blood of Christ, and the bread and wine, coexist in union with each other. “Luther illustrated it by the analogy of the iron put into the fire whereby both fire and iron are united in the red-hot iron and yet each continues unchanged”