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Lutherans except for the Swedish Lutherans did not have or maintian bishops and rejected the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Luther taught “Consubstantiation” that the bread and wine remained bread and wine, and the body of and blood of Christ remained attached to the bread and wine by the faith of the individual, and stopped having that relationship when the believer left the Church. The same sort of thing happened with the Anglicans. They denied the real presence and the nature of the priesthood, by the time that many of them came back to the teachings of the Church after they began to study authentic texts from the first and second centuries that affirmed what the Catholic Church teaches is what the Apostles and their successors taught, they no longer had real bishops to ordain priests.

The Eastern Orthodox and the “Old Catholics” (and only to an extent among the Old Catholics, have maintained Apostolic Succession, with the intent to ordain priests who consecrate. Both of them have tebernacles too. The problem with most Old Catholics in the USA is that they have no formation, or theological backround and may or may not intend to do what the Church intends.