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Why can’t non-catholics or even Ron who was a Catholic for 40 years get it through there thick skulls that[color=black:3qtcf5s8] we don’t worship statues or Mary[/color:3qtcf5s8](We adore her)Doesnt ever one adore there mother?Why shouldn’t we adore Jesus’s mother.And just last week I had my 4 foot statue of Mary sand blasted and repainted after 20 years in my backyard(she looks beautilful).Also speaking of graven images if what Ron is saying,I bet he’s got pics of himself and some family members.according to him that should be a no-no cause now you practice[b:3qtcf5s8] vanity.[/b:3qtcf5s8]

Ron please read http://www.protomartyr.org/image.html