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[quote:1kg28sxv]Getting a little hot under the collar when history and the Bible both prove you wrong?[/quote:1kg28sxv]
No not really just making it clear how ugly your posts can get when all you do is put that stuff on the post instead of the truth.

[quote:1kg28sxv] Look at the other postings in which others and I have used Biblical evidence you have simply disregarded disregarded it and moved on to other topics.[/quote:1kg28sxv]
I’ve been looking – mostly it is nothing more then you claiming I’m wrong and you are right with nothing for evidence except your post to attempt to prove to pray to others which I answered.

[quote:1kg28sxv] All I’m asking is for you to be honest when you defame Christ and His Church with what the tell us that the Church teaches, is that too much to ask for?[/quote:1kg28sxv]
No but actually you want more, such as believing those things that are against God, which I cannot do