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Not so fast there Mr Educated one.
You state:
[quote:2c9ia8da]What you are missing, and it is no suprise as you elevate the anti-catholic writers and their calumnies against Christ and His Church to a par with Scripture, is that God is jealous of anything or anyone who is placed on equal footing or above Him[/quote:2c9ia8da].
No that is exactly my point….We know that God can hear and answer us because He has the qualities such as omnipotence, onmnipresence and such because He is God, so how did Mary or any of them get HIS god-like abilities to hear us and intercede for us or do anything such as that?

The Blessed Virgin, angels and saints are not equal to nor are they above God in the Catholic mind. What our Lady and the Saints are are members of the Mystical Body of Christ. We hold them to be creatures of God, and not on an equal footing with God, that they now are in heaven,[/quote:2c9ia8da]
Yes I know that but you are treating them as a one like God if you pray to them dispite what you just wrote, so explain how you KNOW that they can respond since we have many Scriptures that tell us not to go to anyone but God and also Satan’s ability to impersonate himself as even an angel of God?

[quote:2c9ia8da] having been crowned with the crown of glory does not make them non-members of the Church, just members of the Church that have been perfected in Christ. Just as you may ask someone in your parish to pray for you, because they are members of the Body of Christ, so too have Christians from the earliest days of the Church asked those in heaven to pray for us, and pray with us in giving adoration to God, and in petitioning Him. [/quote:2c9ia8da]
The difference is that they are not on earth any longer and that makes all the difference such as in this case! I am well aware of saints being alive with Christ, but Scriptures still state about things Jesus being the one mediator and how He expects to be treated in such a mannor! (not to meention Isaiah 8:19 – shall we seek the dead on behave of the living,shall we not go to God alone?

AS far as the wisdom of the fathers, they also are not infallible and as I think I’m showing you – nothing equals the Scriptures – oh wise one!