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[quote:1yxdtuhh]Why do you suppose God is Jealous? It is not any different then Paul telling us that some people idolatize their stomachs.[/quote:1yxdtuhh]

What you are missing, and it is no suprise as you elevate the anti-catholic writers and their calumnies against Christ and His Church to a par with Scripture, is that God is jealous of anything or anyone who is placed on equal footing or above Him. The Blessed Virgin, angels and saints are not equal to nor are they above God in the Catholic mind. What our Lady and the Saints are are members of the Mystical Body of Christ. We hold them to be creatures of God, and not on an equal footing with God, that they now are in heaven, having been crowned with the crown of glory does not make them non-members of the Church, just members of the Church that have been perfected in Christ. Just as you may ask someone in your parish to pray for you, because they are members of the Body of Christ, so too have Christians from the earliest days of the Church asked those in heaven to pray for us, and pray with us in giving adoration to God, and in petitioning Him.

Protestantism has a habit of tossing out the wisdom of the fathers, and handing on the bread that Apostles taught, producing stones for their followers to eat, all in the name of private interpretation. Ronald being a perfect example, he states, (unconvincingly) that everything he writes on his webpage and on his attacks in Catholic and non-catholic websites is what he himself has found to be true in the Bible. Most of his concepts are borrowed from other Protestants and are ideas that can trace themselves back between one hundered and five hundred years. Case in point the conclusions derived by him in this thread.