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[quote:sehhptz9]Technically, Ron, you existed when your mother was born. A human female is born with all her eggs. You were there.[/quote:sehhptz9]

True half our genetics come from our Mother and that egg is with her from birth, (although immature until released and fertilzed) But the maternity of our Lord, and in the same vein all of us has been known by God from all eternity. God has for all eternity known us, before our own existence into the world, before our souls where created, He knew we would exist, and what choices we would make. He knew in eternity that Mary would give her fiat, and that she would be the chosen vessle through which the salvation of the world would come. She is not that salvation, but plays a key role in it, and acts as a primary example to us of humility and obedience to God, and the rewards we will have for that obedience to His will and law. God’s foreknowledge of us does not as the Calvanists claim deny our free will, but that is another subject for Ronald to misinstruct us on.

We will keep you fit as a fiddle Ronnie, you just keep jumping to incorrect and poorly thought out conclusions, wallow in what your Protestant task masters have fed you, and you will never need a gym membership.