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[quote:3u5td4ps]How about you reading the Bible without your catechism to misguide you?
Or go to those others like Mike Gendron, Richard Bennet (a former priest)
James MaCarthy, or William Webster and many others that were raised as you and I was, but they trust what the Word of God says not what your church claims it says? [/quote:3u5td4ps]

I’ve read what everyone here, except Richard Bennet, (the only one of the group that you parallel with the Bible I have not heard of) I’ve even been to a couple of Mike Gendron’s seminars, and found none of them to give an honest portrail of the Catholic Church. I can see why you would like to believe in their “testimonies” and fabrications though.

As for having been raised as “You and I” where, don’t let your congnitive abilities or disabilities lie to you, review what you seem to be unable to remember, or choose to ignore. I was not raised a Catholic, but a Sephardim, and I was fooled by the Sola crowd for several years, and came to the Authentic Christ, who founded the Catholic Church (circa 33AD) when I did what men like those you mentioned did not expect someone to do. I checked their facts, and found them to be a combination of outright lies, and misrepresentations by doing to the teachings of the Catholic Church what they do to the Catholic Document, (The Bible) quoting out of any historical or sensible context. I came to the conclusion after much prayer, that I could not live a life of error, and entered the Catholic Church.

I’m worried about your cognitive functioning, combined with your anti-social behavior. Please (and I ask you this in Christian Charity) have yourself checked out the next time you visit your neruologist. Your rantings are not only becoming more illogical, but your ability to address the basic matters in the discussion, and remain on topic are becoming worse. I point this out, because if what I have noticed is real, then you need to have it addressed before it progresses. Hopefully it is just your frustration with people not seeing you as a credible debator, and with your poor fact checking, but I would not want such a serious medical issue to go unchecked.