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[quote:3tvejgt0]Blessed is the one who reads aloud and blessed are those who listen to this prophetic message and heed what is written in it, for the appointed time is near.

“Extinguish not the spirit. Despise not prophecies. But prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (Cf. 1 Thess. 5:19-21) (n.b. This is not a recommendation;;.. but a directive.).[/quote:3tvejgt0]

The Sacred Scriptures are true, but private interpretations of the Scriptures, without the guidance of the Church ends up with multiple interpretations, most false. A perfect example of this is Ronald, who distorts the text to fit his personal points of view. Same Bible, same texts, but when interpreted by someone who is unwilling to submit himself to the authority of the magisterium one is places oneself in grave danger.

Now my point above was not to diminish, or deny that the end will come some day, nor that we may be living in “end times”. What I did point out is that in every generation there have been those who have focused on looking for signs and omens, rather than on living their lives striving for Christian perfection. As a case in point, there was a man who went to a local Traditional Latin Mass site who used to pull aside all of the new people who showed up there. He would pull a pyx out of his pants pocket and show anyone who would look at it a host with what looked like red ink on it. He would tell them that some fellow had a private revelation that only those who had these hosts, “consecrated” by God the Father, and distributed for a donation of $7,777.77 which the seer continued to sell until one day he moved on (after the date that the world was going to end). There have been others who have claimed “the Church has not condemned this or that prophet or seer. When either the Church either has not opened the case, has not approved (sometimes disclaimed with yet) or has condemned it at the local level, which means that it will not go further.

Then there are “approved” apparitions. I personally believe that our Lady did in fact appear at Lourdes, and at Fatima. The Church has approved of the apparitions, and in doing so She has stated that there is nothing in the messages that contradicts the Faith. But the Church does not hold De Fide that we must believe that the apparitions actually took place in order to remain a Catholic. So how should we look at seers and messages that have yet to be approved? I would say, 1. Discuss the issue with our confessor or spiritual director. 2. Compare what is said with what the Church has always taught. 3. If the message is that there is something secret or essential to this particular message that the Church has not in the past 2000 year promulgated or approved wait until the Church has made a final decision on it before we propagate the message. 4. Investigate the issue very carefully through “normal” channels. Fr. Gruner may seemingly be a very holy man, but look at the way he attacks his religious superiors, and refuses to submit to any legitimate authority in the Church, his case is one that the Church can judge, I can only stand back and ask myself, is this an example of obedience, or is it an example of anarchy?

What I am saying is be careful to not replace the Faith with Prophecies that don’t support what has always and everywhere been taught. The Rosary, Scapulars, Novenas and other devotions are not a subsitute for the Faith, when used properly they do advance the Faith, so too belief in the end of the world is Catholic, but obsession with it to the abandonment of the Faith can lead one away from God rather than to Him.

In conclusion (for now at least) I say this without claiming to be anyone on this board’s Religious Superior, and without claiming to have any Authority (Ecclesiastical or otherwise). Nor do I intend to imply that anyone who brings these topics up for discussion is outside of the realm of the Church or is wrong for holding to them as a personal opinion. Only that private revelation is that, private, and until the Church approves or disapproves it (unless it is blatantly contrary to the teachings of the Church) is just that, a private revelation.