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[quote:9d8nbbk7]Catholic end times prophecy? [/quote:9d8nbbk7]

In every generation there have been these prophets and prophecies. Most have ended up in spinning off into various heretical sects, or fizzing out when the prophets or pseudo prophecies have ended up not happening. Happily the Church has always taught that each of us must live as if today is our last day, and try to remain in a state of sanctifying grace.

While some of what these prophets may or may not come true, being grounded in the Faith, living a life faithful to Christ and the teachings of His Church is the most important thing. In all of the approved private revalations there are criteria that the Church looks for that speak of the authenticity. If it says nothing that contradicts the faith. If it promotes holiness and adherence to the Magesterium and the authentic teachings of the Church, and submits (or the seer) submits to the Church.

St. Padre Pio was forced into silence for decades, not allowed to preach or hear confessions while the Church investigated the phenomina. He was obedient to the will of his superiors because they never ordered him to do anything that was sinful, nor did they order him to do anything that contradicted Christ or the teachings of the Church. He was obedient to his lawful superiors and did not place himself above them. There is a story that Abp. Lefebvre visited Padre Pio, and that Padre Pio told the Abp. that a day would come when he would have to make a choice to either be obedient to his lawful superiors or by his disobedience would cause much confusion and cause a schism in the Church. Abp. Lefebvre asked Padre Pio for his blessing, and Padre Pio replied that as a simple monk it is he who should ask the Abp. to bless him. He kissed the ring of Abp. Lefebvre and recieved his blessing. I met Abp. Lefebvre a few times, and I do believe that he was a holy man who tried his best, and that (according to a few priests I know who knew him personally) he was misinformed by those around him in his later years, and duped by them into disobedience. I can’t judge his soul, only God knows just what his real intentions where, (his sermons and writings seem at times to contradict themselves and he seems very troubled by what was going on among his fellow prelates) But what is true is that there was much confusion caused by him and his religious society.

Theresa Newman (who still has a large following in Germany, despite the Church closing her case and finding that there is no reason to persue it any further) on the other hand (and she may have been a very sincere person, who tried to do the will of God as she understood it) refused parts of investigations by the local ordinary, accepted a Hindu Guru into her house and allegedly proclaimed him to be a holy man of God. Would sometimes (if the stories are correct) comment about secret sins of others as she passed by their houses. Would ask for the priest to give her communion, and after he prepaired the Church and removed the reserved Sacrament from the Tabernacle refuse communion stating that an angel had brought the Sacrament to her.

So in my personal opinion, end time prophecies are of little use if one is not founded in the Faith, and does not avail oneself to the Graces Christ give us through the means we have, ie proper access to the Sacraments, and use of sacramentals within the guidelines set down by the Church for their use.