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[quote:284stl42]So, what do you make of those books that specifically don’t warn of “taking away or adding”? Does that give us a green light to do so unless otherwise specified?

And thanks with a tip of the hat to Carmelite.

I’d expected the side effects of my chemo to not show up so early. I know that when I have worked with CA patients in the past they have described “Chemo Brain” where one starts on a thought, and it simply evaporates. That has happened to me more than once here. What I wanted to conclude in my comments above was that God being the author of Sacred Scripture knew from the first word what it would contain, so while the books are individual books, each inspired by God, He knew what the final jot and tittle would be. He knew that under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, (the Third person in the Holy Trinity) a Council of the Catholic Church would have to settle the question of what books would end up in the Bible. Some verses in the Scriptures have multiple layers of meaning, they can refer both to the time that they where written as well as apply to situations yet to come.

If I’m going to suffer from “Chemo brain,” it may be better that I simply read rather than comment until I know I’m just going to be forgetful as an old codger, rather than have both maladies gang up on me.