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Ronnie boy, just when it looked like you where going to engage in civil debate, you turn on the Dr. Jeckle mode again, ignore rational and civil thought returning to the taskmasters that you replace Chrisitanity with to do their bidding and try to destroy the Church of Christ.

[quote:3lch775y]John 6 you take as literal yet it has comments like whoever eats of me will never die (but check out your nearest funeral home, they’re still busy) or will never hunger, yet everyday we do? [/quote:3lch775y]

Once again you put strange spins of both the Bible, and Catholic dogma.
If you pick up a greek/english commentary and do some research into what the Catholic doctrine is, you will find that these are the spiritual effects of worthy reception of the Sacrament. Which brings up another of the flaws of the Sola camp. On the Sola side one is not bound to what the Apostles and their sucessors taught. Nor is one bound to the dogmas that for the past 2000 years have remained unchanged, rather you are free to invent new and random doctrines and teachings by re-interpreting the Sacred Scriptures to meet the ithcing ears of yourself and your hearers.

One out that the person who denied dinosours as a hoax tried was by claiming that the Bible was without error only in the original edition. Both begging the questions of what constitutes the original edition, and what safeguarded their edition or if it has errors?

[quote:3lch775y]This also has been twisted for only God can forgive sins [/quote:3lch775y]

Then Jesus really screwed up according to you when he told the Apostles “whosoevers sins you forgive…” or is there something written in invisible ink that says, “Mileage may vary, not applicable beyond the split second Jesus said this” or something else that we are missing? Did He say it or not? If He said it did he mean it?

[quote:3lch775y]Our sins are forgiven when we trust in Christ’s shed blood, not some confession of sins
Again you fail to account for John 3:16 and 3:36 [/quote:3lch775y]

So say you. Stand back, see the Bible as the entire story of redemption and salvation, not in the middle of the forest picking out individual trees, out of context Ronnie. Once again, none of what the Church teaches has any validity if you discount the passion. Without Calvary the merits that Christ distributes to us by His sacraments are empowered by Him to do so. Nope this next anology is not from the Bible, but as you refuse other explanations we will try and make it as simple as possible for you….

Calvary, and Christ’s atonement there. Happened in time, effects are eternal, and can be applied by Him without the constraint of time. Let’s look at those merits for the time being as an inexaustible bank account.

Sacraments, works done with faith in Christ, and for the Glory of God rather than our own glory, everything Christains have done and believed until Protestants came about in the 16th century, access to the funds deposited by Christ, and availible to us when we use the PIN Number, and ATM card which are the Sacraments that Christ insituted and empowered. All done by the Grace of God, through the merits of the Cross. Not just because we are present at the rite.

[quote:3lch775y]You mean it only contradicts what Catholics believe, for you seem to think to much about Matthew 16:18 as if Jesus meant Catholicism. Let me ask then – are only Catholics Going to Heaven? (Matthew 7:13,14 says only one way)[/quote:3lch775y]

As the Catholic Church, (even against your protests and hiding your head in the sand when history is mentioned) is the only Church that can trace itself to the Apostles, yes. As far as being the only one who holds many of the invented positions from the 16th Century Reformers that you try and blindside people with, there are the Orthodox, some Lutherans and some Anglicans who hold many of the same positions, as they look at the historical facts that you deny.

[quote:3lch775y]I’m sorry but I don’t recall those spots – like where and when?[/quote:3lch775y]

You are capable of looking over the posts. You will find your usual non-reply of “You are wrong, I’ll have to teach you” or “You say so” etc etc etc.

[quote:3lch775y]Okay, then do you deny Purgatory, works and sacramental cleansing? To believe in those things shows that you deny the cleansing of His blood – It can’t be both[/quote:3lch775y]

Your ignorance is showing… They all fit into God’s plan as they would be worthless had Christ not suffered and died on the cross, risen from the dead and ascended into heaven. They are means by which he applys the merits of the cross, not replacements for the merits of the cross. As for dictionaries, since I don’t want to bother with your silliness. I own several dictionaries, I also have compaired them some like Websters, and The Encyclopedia Britannica have a very Anti-Catholic pro-Protestant slant to them, and would side with what you spew, the fact is that they are not comprehensive, (Or are you compairing a dictionary with the Bible, and making it as infallible as the word of God?) You may go ahead and call it biased, you may want to look up grace as defined from a Catholic source, or even an eastern Orthodox source, as they remain unchanged from the days of the Apostles, and not invented by men who rejected what had been handed down from the Apostles in the 16th century.

[quote:3lch775y]Nope, Jesus died to save us, He didn’t need sacraments to do that (And you said “no more lies?) The rest of your posting is filled with YOUR false beliefs not the Biblical beliefs as Christ intended[/quote:3lch775y]

I’ll stick with what Jesus taught and has been continually taught upto the Protestant Revolt, and continues to be taught by His Church. I’d rather live in the saftey of the bosom of Christ, than in the contradictions of Protestantism. I’ve been to death of the soul preached by the Protestant Babel, I’ve seen the poor scholarship you type out, I’ve seen the articles that you have spent time researching from other people’s writings, and find them to be contradictory to the Bible and God’s plan of salvation. I also see you slipping back into your same habits of closing yourself off to Christ and rational thought. So I’ll add another decade for you tonight, our Lady can discuss your soul with her Son, I’m sure they have more tollerance for silly rejection of the truth than I do.