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[quote:3h3kq5ul][color=darkred:3h3kq5ul]I remember reading about this in the New Advent:[/color:3h3kq5ul]

[color=darkred:3h3kq5ul]I was surprised it was doctrine though.[/color:3h3kq5ul][/quote:3h3kq5ul]

I don’t know if you could call it doctrine per-se. I’ll have to look that up, (I have been known once or twice to mis-speak or mis-type :lol: ) I do know it is something that is discussed in moral theology, but I don’t know that it is universally accepted or is a finally settled issue, I think just a majority opinion of moral theologians.

Well on looking at your link, I guess it is a doctrine. The old CE is an excellent source and most reliable.