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[quote:3hj4b2x0]In light of the Bible telling us not to add or take away, how do you see them viewing those verses that warn of it? How do they apply now?[/quote:3hj4b2x0]

When St. John wrote those verses, the Canon of the Scriptures was neither fully developed nor where all the books written, the Bible, as we know it did not exist. True most of the books existed, but the Bible as a compilation of those books bound togeather was something that did not occur to people. It was more than 200 years later when questions had to be answered as to what did and did not constitute inpired writings that a Council of Catholic Bishops submitted to the Pope for his approval the determinations of the Council.

Historically, at least until the 16th Century when Protestants made radical departures from what had always been believed about the Scriptures, the warning about adding or deleting from “This Book” was believed to mean, and by Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and some other Christian scholars a prohibition of adding to or deleting anything from that particular book. The grouping of the books, which we have in the Bible just did not exist. Even the Jews had not decided on a formal Canon aside from Torah, (Pentatuch, or the first five books of what Christians call the Old Testament) Some accepted Daniel, others did not.

One fatal error that is made regarding the Bible, is to consider it one book. Bible comes from the greek, Biblios, meaning Books, or Collection of Books. All of them are inspired, (from the Greek, Breathed into by God) They all recount the development over time of salvation history. But they remain individual books, written by individual writers inspired by the same source, (God).