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They tell me the side effects of my Chemo may not happen with the first dose, or may be delayed for a day or two. So I’m reading your posting, still unconvinced of your weak arguments.

[quote:52vhl8sa]Dave Hunt’s book “a woman rides the beast” shows is a joke. I’m sure you do not approve of Mr Hunt but I’ve talked to him personally and I know HE is correct!

I’ve read Hunt’s books and heard him speak too. I find him to be totally unreliable. I understand that you with your position to uphold are willing to believe everything he says, but I think it is a rehash of the same garbage as Hislop and Co.

It is not a matter of how smart one is, how much education one has, [u:52vhl8sa][b:52vhl8sa]it is a matter of seeking out the truth[/b:52vhl8sa][/u:52vhl8sa] through prayer and study. Translations of any kind are as the old saying goes, “Traduttore traditore” or the translator is a traitor. One of the major flaws with any english translation of the Bible, Catholic or Protestant is that the subtle nuances of the text are not always clear. In Hebrew, Greek, Latin, the romance languages, and Middle Eastern Languages you have far more expressive language. I do believe you really do need to sit down with a good greek and hebrew lexicon, even one from a Protestant publisher, and you will find what you want the Bible to say is not what God really said. If one is so invested in his position, and so fearful of finding out that he is wrong that he will not take an honest look at the other side of an argument prayerfully, then smart or dull, educated or uneducated he makes himself a fool. I’ve encouraged you to study the greek because I think you can do it, and so you don’t have to take my word for it.

I stated that I know you don’t believe in the Power of Christ through baptism even though it is told to us in the Scriptures. It is a Protestant trait to take ownership of the Bible, and see only what fits into ones own narrow viewpoint. If it where otherwise you would look at history, culture and language, rather than reading the Holy Writ from the point of view of someone divorced from any sense of where the Bible came from, and what it was that Christ was addressing.

Let’s take a look at another of your contradictions.

[quote:52vhl8sa]He views a believer as one that will care for Mary more then His Half-brothers of whom were not saved until after the death and resurrection of Jesus – No problem there Mr. Educated one! [/quote:52vhl8sa]

Are you telling me that these men mentioned as Jesus “Brothers” who followed him, as did Mary around Israel where not saved until the death and resurrection of Jesus, but John the non-blood relative was? Then John must have had some special provision (not spoken of in the Bible) or you have had a special extra Biblical revalation, or possibly you are scrambling around to find an answer and have ended up making something up, simply to try and disprove what has always been taught.

Looking back on your deception of self,

[quote:52vhl8sa]the only rational answer is brothers. Also in Matthew 12: 47-50 it clearly is not a relative or cousin. Plus the other Scriptures couldhave written in a different word if it was a cousin or relative. Now explain how you come up with the idea that it would mean [/quote:52vhl8sa]

I explain it by having been raised a Jew before my conversion to Christ, coming from a family in which my father and his father before him where Rabbic leaders in the Sephardic community, and as I was being groomed to take the bimah, I learned Hebrew, Jewish history, Jewish culture and customs throughout the ages. I know that based on the hebrew and aramaic practices and linguistics of the time that there is a far more rational answer than yours. This is not to put you down for trying, it is good that you are trying, it will help you to realize that there is no hope in Protestantism, only with the Body of Christ, and the Institution He founded as a means to dispense His grace.

One day soon, as the scales are removed from your eyes, and you see that it is simply human pride that has made those who have taught you to hate what Christ has given us you will come home.

Starting to feel a little woozy, so I’ll curl up with my little doggies and revisit this again later.

You remain in my prayers.