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Ronnie, you continue to threaten to enlighten us with your fabrications, but all we see is derogatory statements, and no “edgemication”. In the past you stated that there where two biblically acceptable reasons for divorce, but never told us what they where. You tell us that emploring the saints to interceed for and with us before the throne of God is wrong. Are they no longer members of the Church? Or are you SDA or a similar semi-chrisitan sect member, and believe that they are “asleep” until the end of the world. If you are versed in the teachings of THE Church, then you know the position of veneration of the Saints vs the Worship of God. (Is your mother alive, have you ever visited the grave of your brother, did you leave flowers there, if so I accuse you of leaving a votive offering and worshiping him. Do you keep pictures of them? If so you are guilty of Idolotry as in the strict sense of your interpretation of the Bible, any image of anything in heaven or on earth is idolotry.)

You said you’d answer the questions about the different stories of creation, how each gives a different order of events. While we are on it, is the earth flat? Is there a dome over the flat earth? Are the stars really holes in the dome. Does the sun come up over one side of the dome and set on the other side? How many corners are there on the Earth? Where does the earth end?

While we are on the subject, The Protestant denies that we should have any carved statues of anything on heaven or earth. They decry the use of statues of our Lord, our Lady or the Saints in Catholic Churches. Anyone who reads what is written in the Bible, rather than opens it with a preconcieved idea and tries to hammer it to fit their own predetermined ideas plainly reads that we are forbidden to make idols and give them the worship that we give to God, or consider them to have the power of God. No Catholic does this with any statue or icon. To do so would be a violation of what the Church teaches. To claim otherwise is to either be ignorant of what the Church teaches, or to be a liar who misrepresents the teachings of the Church. To claim that Mary is worshiped as God, or has any power to interceed for us on her own, is to be guilty of calumny, any graces or ability to interceed come from the same graces that allowed for her to live a life of purity, they come from Her son. From the moment of the incarnation of Christ in her womb she became His mother, the Title Mother of God, or Theotokos, (God bearer) in no way implies that she pre-existed the Logos, but as Jesus, True God and True Man was united in her womb, she bears the title. Anyone who claims that the Church teaches otherwise again is a liar or calumnates. If one is guilty of the calumnies, I would hope it is because they have been in their ignorance polluted by lies written by anti-catholics, like the ones you copy in your oh so silly articles on your webpage. I say I hope so, because should someone perpetuate the misdeeds and misrepresentations that you and your ilk have perpetuated, and had they known better, thinking the ends of converting people to the false premise of Protestantism justifies the distortion of the true teachings of The Church, I’d not want to be standing in their place on the day of Judgement.

Nearing the end of my questions for now. When I posted a link to Dave Armstrong, (former Sola Scriptura anti-catholic minister) and his books, Biblical Proofs of Catholicism, and More Biblical Proofs of Catholicism, you replied without having read them, “What evil books” On what basis? You make statements like those, without backing them up. You off hand reject anything anyone else says, (Are you hiding from us that you are the newest and best Joseph Smith, and have a special revelation or something?, you seem to imply that you are the only one who knows anything, and you claim everything that you spout is from your own unaided self study of the Bible, (a claim that I have said before is unbelievable, as you simply harp what various Protestant writers invented before you.)

Well I’ll await a sensible reply, I’ll keep some heart medicine close at hand just on the off chance that (however unlikely) that you actually answer at least one of the questions or statements, with an answer that took some thought, rather than a frothy mouthed cyber fit, that deflects from the question, or simply denegrades others and moves on unsupported.