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first I’ll respond to your note above:

[quote:2aey02zk]Ok, I’ll bite, but you have to do something Ronnie, you have to be honest and answer all the questions, and the questions that are asked. Something you’ve proven unable to do in any manner let along a civil manner. [/quote:2aey02zk]

I’d shout “praise the Lord” you finally wrote a civil note to me (I think?)
I’ve been honest and have attempted to answer all your questions.

[quote:2aey02zk]Your literal brothers and sisters argument, another idea that did not come into being until the 17th Century is not convincing, and shows a complete lack of understanding of the times and languages spoken in Israel during the earthly life of our Lord. But that is no big newsbreak.[/quote:2aey02zk]
Why do you not understand something? I don’t read what you claim are 17th century ideas to forward them. I read my Bible that was written by those of whom lived with our Lord and got their info from Him – that is first century material -and I show what it says in the Biblical manner – Scriptural talk if you will, so how can you say it says differently? As for the website you took us to, I showed how reliable those Scripture quotes aren’t – do you want me to show you on the rest of his evidence as well?
It is no problem if that is what you want?

Should we start our discussion with your tendency to want to pray to others or what? You decide.