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MR. LARoberts
you state:

[quote:2gd9w49f]From post to post, I am amazed at how much lower Mr. K can sink.

As usual, he makes rude comments, undeveloped and unsubstantiated remarks, all devoid of logical thought. I’m beginning to wonder if his refusal to tell us which of the many man made sects he has been brainwashed by is less that the topic will be diverted into their manmade doctrines [/quote:2gd9w49f]

rather then to post a defiinite rebutal of your ridculous posting with all the

I’ll simply give you a challenge to debate everyone of my articles concerning catholicism to see [u:2gd9w49f][b:2gd9w49f]which one of us is more biblical or just full of
themselves [/b:2gd9w49f][/u:2gd9w49f]
you name the article or subject to start and then we will alternate choices after that!