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From post to post, I am amazed at how much lower Mr. K can sink.

As usual, he makes rude comments, undeveloped and unsubstantiated remarks, all devoid of logical thought. I’m beginning to wonder if his refusal to tell us which of the many man made sects he has been brainwashed by is less that the topic will be diverted into their manmade doctrines that seemingly support a cromagnon interpretation of the seletive verses of the Scriptures co-opted from Historical Christianity. The issue seems to be more of his fear that someone with an equally denigrading personality will show up at the services where he “worships” his abreviated, remolded Jesus, (molded into the image Protestants of his particular sect want Him to be, rather than the Christ known to Chrisitanity for the first 1500 years after His advent) and hurl abuse at the members of the congregation in his own “charming” manner.

Mr. K’s brand of apologetics will find many converts, but I fear the converts will be to Buddhism and Hinduism, in reaction to the misinformation, ignorance and hatred he spews. We are bid to test all things, I can only speak for myself, having tested what Mr. K writes here and elsewhere, and surmise from the comments of others, that the spirits that lead Mr. K into such callous disregard for other people, is influenced by a spirit not of God. While I reject the total depravity of mankind that Protestantism teaches, as we are creatures of God, and while fallen where created by a God who does not make evil creatures. This is not to deny that we are disordered from the order of His original intent in creating mankind. God has seen something worth saving and has in His Incarnation supplied the means of re-ordering and redeaming us. Mr. K however strives to prove by his behavior the Total Depravity point.

But I will continue praying for him, as I am sure that God who has converted the hearts of Cannibals. Who gave St. Francis Xavier the charism to speak to Indians, Chinese and Japanese in their own languages without having studied them, God who has turned savages civil can combine the efforts which brought these magnificent works to fruition and whollop Mr. K with a healthy dose of grace to overcome his anger, and “defang” his hatred. Joining again all the angels and Saints, most of all the woman our Lord Chose to bring Himself into the world, into who’s arms the world first received Him, who He gave us as our Mother too for Ron’s return to Christ and His Church.

(We know Mr. K does not believe that the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ despite the historical proof that it is the only one that existed from the time of the Apostles, he has arrogantly and vociferously stampeeded his personal rejection of the 2000 years of consistant teachings of Christ in his rude manner, but Christian charity demands we continue to pray for this false prophet.)

Addendum: Another point for thinking people to consider is that based on the Protestant ideas of Sola Scriptura, (which everyone here understands the illogic of simply on the basis of the authority needed to formulate the canon, which was only done by a Council of the Catholic Church to end the varied opinions of different groups within the Church, and determine what if any written words where Scripture.) The problems of Private Interpretation and “Personal Savior” require each man to re-invent and re-evaluate the Scriptures and the entire field of Christology themselves, rather than rely on what has been handed down by Christ through the Apostles to our day. This is evident by the plethora of “Churches” and Denominations, let alone indidviduals who each preach a different Christ. The Biblical and non-Biblical warnings about False Christs, do not refer simply to men who would claim to be Christ, but also to false teachings about Christ. From the beginning we know that the Church held to the belief in Transubstantiation. While the word itself was not used until the radical rejection of the real presence by Protestants 1500 years later. We can read in Scipture and in the writings of the early fathers clear descriptions of the belief. Either one believes in the Christ who meant what He said at the Last Supper, or in a different Christ, one who taught Consubstantiation, or Signigication or any of the many different later Protestant inventions. One of the worst fruits of Protestantism is the multiplication of Christs, each teaching something different from what for 2000 years has held fast. Each proclaiming that the previous teachings are wrong and that they alone found the true meaning of Scirpture themselves. If they be correct than God is ever changing and not the author of a single unchanging truth.