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Jon You say:
[quote:a0ae6zno]Ron, you can’t prove the Bible is the word of God by quoting the Bible. How does that even make sense to you?[/quote:a0ae6zno]

I realize that it wouldn’t make sense (unless you were a believer) to do it that way before I said it. However since it speaks for itself and is God’s word, with no errors, I’ll quote it for everything.

The second part of my post:
[quote:a0ae6zno]I’ve never seen an error or mistake yet and all the prophetic areas have come true, sso what else is there that compares with the 100% truth of Scriptures[/quote:a0ae6zno]
still is there, so do you have a book as reliable as the Bible? If so, is it as my Thessalonians quote says, that it’s God’s word not the words of men?