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The article you posted was mostly true. Before Vatican II, persons who died by their own hands where buried at the edges of the Consecrated Burial grounds of Catholic Cemetaries. Masses where usually private Masses with the family and close friends. All Masses that where offered for the dead in the days prior to Vatican II where conducted with Black vestments (except for Children who had not reached the age of reason where white vestments and the Mass of the Angels was offered rather than a Requiem Mass) Prayers where encouraged for the deceased. If the person died at there own hands and there was a public spectical or they lived an infamous life where there was little evidence of remorse, the burial would be very private, so as to not scandalize the populace who usually would not speak in public because ot the shame surrounding such deaths at the time. However the Church never forbid private masses or prayers for these souls, and even admonished that we did not know the state of the soul at the moment or moments before their deaths, and should not speculate about it because they could have either been out of their minds, or have made a perfect act of contrition before their last moment. We needed to leave it up to God’s mercy. That was the Catholic opinion.

On the contrary I have been to Protestant funerals, (not intended to be a reflection of all Protestants, as I have not attended every Protestant funeral) where the Minister has preached from the pulpit with the body in a box in front of him, telling the congregation that so and so lived a life filled with x y and z and was now burning in hell, the only reason the body was here before them was to warn them that they too would burn for ever if they did not turn their life over to what ever the denomination, (or Non-denomination) that was preached at that church.