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LARoberts said,

It is one thing to simplify the message of Christ so that it can be understood in a manner that does not require a theology degree, quite another to ignore most of the message[/quote:57mj6axh]

I’ve tried to do that with my articles, to simplify and explain jst what IT says as opposed to what yoiur Church claims it says. When I’m told that I’m wrong, no one shows me such as when you say it is not the Bible alone, I ask what else carries the authoritiveness as God’s word, for it is from God, but you don’t come up with anything. You say my articles contradict themselves, so I say “where and how” but no one does that either, so how do you figure that I’m one who

[quote:57mj6axh] while turning people away from Christ by yelling at them, and puffing myself up with pride,[/quote:57mj6axh]
[quote:57mj6axh]give a distorted dishonest message of Christ’s love [/quote:57mj6axh]