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One of the finer points that confound most Protestants who decry any attempt at looking at the Sacred Scriptures from the historical perspective, and take it not simply from the point of view of Private Interpretation but rather their own Private Property, is that the english translation of Word comes from two different words in greek, Logos is used when referencing our Lord, (John 1 speaks of In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with….and the Logos was God…) however when writing about someone’s speaking or teaching, or more important to your banging your head against the wall with RK, the written word of the Bible, they use the term Rhema in greek.

When dealing with someone who wants to make the Bible their private ammo dump rather than the Living Word of God given to a Living Church which is guided by the Holy Ghost who gives support and direction to the Body of Christ, rather than a disjointed invisible body that does not have a common Faith (one faith) or agree on baptism, (one Baptism) making the Jesus they worship an individual Jesus, rather than the same yesterday today and tomorrow, (one Lord). Each day is an adventure to the Protestant mind, as there is no guarantee that the Holy Spirit will move you or me to see the same thing in the Scriptures from one person to the next, nor from one day to the next. Pointing out historical fact, greek derivations of the original text or how the first Christians believed is unimportant, because their “individual relationship” has no grounding in anything but their own interpretation of the translation they are moved to believe in. So too the faulty understanding of the Faith that Hislop teaches as a representation of what is really taught. But that is a battle for another day.