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Remember- I did spend 30 years in Protestantism. I did ask Jesus to come into my heart. I was baptized (or should I say rebaptized . Is that a word?) and actually became a member of a Baptist church (though I still shake my head wondering how that happened).

Please also remember the words of Jesus (RonK I think you are a Baptist, and in my experience Baptists hardly read the Gospels, I mean the whole of the 4 books) “judge not that you be not judged” and “love your enemies”.

And if you are a Baptist: remember once saved always saved.

In your blind hatred of Catholics (and you are a hater) you sin against the Christ you seem to profess.


A nice meal and a great dessert. Also, thanks for sharing some good words.

My last stop was a Baptist church (the pastor was a friend of mine) and it seems to me that Baptist belief borders on Gnosticism.

If you check the doctrinal statement of any Baptist church it will start with the Bible. We know that the Apostles Creed starts with the Father and the Son. It as if to the Baptist the Most Holy Trinity is real because the Bible says so as the foundation of the truth, instead of the correct thinking that the Bible is real because God says it’s real through Christ’s church.
Simply put: your starting point is your god.

It seems that Baptists almost worship the Bible. It’s the extreme of “faith alone” where the Bible holds the “hidden knowledge”. That’s the reason they have problems with miracles, healing, and the sacraments. It’s with anything that has to do with physical world or matter:spirit good, matter bad.

Oh by the way: those chick comics are inspired aren’t they?