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St. James:

You and I (and one day Ron when he returns to the bosom of Christ in His Church) could I’m sure enjoy a nice meal and glass of (in my case diet coke) while discussing our adventures through Protestant land. It is quite funny, (read sad) how Protestants of various shades of the rainbow state that they are bringing you the Bible alone, yet it is usually the Bible (select proof verses) combined with Hislop and friends and their own Minister or Pastor, who’s words are taken quite literally without any fact checking in a manner that would make the Council fathers who settled the debate on Papal Infaillibility with it’s severe limits blush. I remember hearing, “Well Pastor X said this, and he is a Spirit Driven Man of God” or “Rev. Y was moved by the Spirit and told us Gobbelty Gook was laid on his heart and we are to abandon what everyone has always believed because the Jesuits polluted the understanding of the Text and it really after almost 2000 years of believing one way means something else.”

I’ve mentioned before on the Forum that I go to a couple of Protestant book stores in town, one Arminian, the other Calvanist. All of them claim the invisible Church of all True Bible believers. I hear them start a conversation of Hello Brother, what you looking for here. The conversation gets going and it’s Praise the Lord this, and the Lord inspired me that this text means that and they are happy as can be until the Lord inspired one in a different way and then they start telling each other how hot their place in hell will be. As for Bible alone, the bookstores are packed with books from Dispensationalism to Millenialism, Calvin to Luther, and Brummer to boot. Each man his own Pope, contradicting the next because God inspired him to the individual interpretation. Then you have the Bible Dictionaries and Commentaries, from Smith or Young to Nelson and MaGee, each contradicting one another and all of them written by “good men of the Gospel” who “God has inspired” to write contradicting information. So along with the sideshow I have a couple of sources for used Catholic books at a bargain basement price, as these men who treat Hislop and Foxe as if they where inspired works, and will use them without citation so (another famous trick of their apologists is to not cite where something is from so they 1. seem to be informed and educated. 2. Cannot have facts checked as the sources of information are filled with bogus misquotes and non-referenced matter. But all in all these people (most who are sincere, some who are just out to pay the house note knowing that there is a market for spurious anti-Catholic rhetoric that will either fill their collection baskets or sell their books) make me laugh by trying to tell us they are Bible only, when in fact they do give more credence to their library of Anti-Catholic Authors with select Bible verses than to the message of the Bible.

Well as we all know it is a big Jesuit Conspiracy, just ask Alberto of Chick Comics, (another story of deception for another time.)