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So Mr. Weathers, you said

[quote:182490n6]and we won’t get out until we have satisfied our entire debt to God[/quote:182490n6]

So are you then suggesting that God isn’t a God of grace? (Not that it matters, since you rejected the finished work of Christ crucified, as in below:)

[quote:182490n6]We are only made perfect through purification,[/quote:182490n6]

[quote:182490n6] Forgiveness is not necessary in heaven, and there is no forgiveness in hell. This proves that there is another state after death,[/quote:182490n6]
nothing like jumping to conclusions with your answers.

[quote:182490n6]So where is the rich man? He is in purgatory. [/quote:182490n6]
Yet other sources claim purgatory is simply a state of mind – The Ruch man is in Abraham’s bossom – emptied after Jesus resurrection (He had to be the first to resurrect and no longer needed)

[quote:182490n6]1 Cor. 15:29-30 – Paul mentions people being baptized on behalf of the dead,[/quote:182490n6] Are you going to join the Mormons soon too? The chapter is about the Cor. people doing that but to show that obviously they believed in life after death not to validate anything else!

[quote:182490n6]which also shows specific prayers for the dead,[/quote:182490n6]
Which is one reason why Maccabees is not Biblical

everything here is built upon speculation, or theories with no solid evidence, of which I won’t continue except with Revelation 21:27 – no sin enters Heaven – that is true because those perfected were the ones of which had been cleaned by trusting in the shed blood of Christ – for as Hebrews 9:22 states – we are cleaned by blood – witihout the sheding of blood there is no forgiveness – so much for “purgatory”