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[color=darkblue:1ewh33e5]Oh I did. She received Communion at the Catholic Church in Warren, MN where I was this past weekend for my niece’s First Communion. The celebration was at my sister’s house after Mass that day, and I approached her and asked her, “So are you still a Catholic?” She said, “Yes I’m Catholic, but I go to a non-denominational Church.” Then I asked her if she believed everything the Church teaches and she said no. So I told her by receiving Communion in the Catholic Church, you are declaring you believe everything the Church teaches on Mary, the Sacraments, Eucharist, etc. So I said if you are not [b:1ewh33e5]in[/b:1ewh33e5] Communion [b:1ewh33e5]with[/b:1ewh33e5] the Church, why would you want to [b:1ewh33e5]receive[/b:1ewh33e5] Communion [b:1ewh33e5]in[/b:1ewh33e5] the Church. Her reply, “Michael, it doesn’t say that in the Bible.” “Michael, you need to be born again, it’s in the Bible, oh yes it is in the Bible, it says you need to be born again.” I said, I am sure it does say that, but we interpret it differently. Anyways, the discussion went further and I started going back in history, giving facts about the Church and the early church fathers, the Saints, and apostolic succession. She had to replies to me at all, she just looked at me like this was brand new information she never heard before. I wrote down a website for her called biblechristiansociety.com. She said to me, “Now this isn’t a [b:1ewh33e5]Catholic[/b:1ewh33e5] website is it?”[/color:1ewh33e5]