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[quote:36x8xn99]Annulments – The Church tells (for a small fee) that one’s marraige was never acceptable in God’s eyes for a number of reasons and declares it to never have happened [/quote:36x8xn99]

Well finally, you did one thing you where asked. You answered a question. You where honest about your feelings, this is the first step in your recovery. Yes you’ve provem youself angry, some day we may get to the source of your anger, the source of the pain. This however is a good start, I’ll leave you and your problems with the Church to Lady and the Saints. As now you have finally lashed out in words of your own rather than hiding behind the words and works of others that you claim as your own, now you can start on the path to healing. I’m afraid like an onion you will still have layers to peel away, but for now you have made a big step, CONGRATULATIONS.

You may reject what the Church has recieved from the Apostles today, but this first crack gives me hope that given time, you too, like Scott Hahn, Keating, Armstrong and other former anti-Catholic bigots, you will one day soon be back in the bosom of our Lady, as she presents you back to her son Jesus. You may for the time being simply remain angry and vengeful, continue to call Armstrong, Keating and Hahn’s books evil without cracking open the cover, out of fear that you can’t answer their points honestly, but soon, very soon, I have faith you will return home to Christ and His Church.

For the time being I’ll just watch what you post, expecting even more venom to flow as you vent it out of your system, but I can already see by your last post that all the saints in heaven have made headway as they join us sinners on earth in praying for your return where like the prodigal son, we will welcome you as our brother back into the home of your Father. I won’t reply to your outbursts for the time being, but be assured, you will remain in my prayers.