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[quote:1o4hbiqp]It is important to understand where the canon of the Bible came from.

I think God, who do you think? [/quote:1o4hbiqp]

Just another example of your misleading dirision. By your reply you imply the Catholic Church and it’s members, (the body of Christ) do not believe the Bible to Be God’s word. You prove yourself to be misled by your Protestant Anti-Catholic training. Fruit that was spiled and cut off from the vine, soured and now inedible.

As far as Sola Scriptura, it is a false idol, an anti-biblical arugument, and one that leads people to a false Christ rather than the balm which is found in His body, the Church. You can call yourself Pro-Jesus all you want, but the preaching of the False Christ you and all followers of the 16th Century man made invention of so called Biblical Christianity is not the answer. Nor are your evsions of the questions. Following the fruits of Sola Scriptura, (as we are told we will know them by their fruits) the only logical conclusion is that Sola Scriptura makes God a liar. How so? Well each new sect that spins off as it interprets the Scriptures differently and forms itself with it’s new doctrines ipso facto denies the truth has been held by it’s mother church. As each new sect forms and denies the truth is held by the prior they tell us that nobody understood the Scriptures, and therefore Christ did not hold true to His promise to remain with His Church to the consumation of the Earth.

One point you have failed in is that you insist on “Bible Proof” Aside from (among the many passages) following the Bible by remembering that St. Paul admonished the Chruch when he wrote, “hold fast to the traditions I gave you” I can’t waste time by being sucked into your Sola Scriptura errors. So far you have not convinced me to return to the old errors I once held that the Bible alone is our source of direction and the only means God has given us to behold the truth. While I do have the Evangelical Free Church to thank for my introduction to Christianity, (although it was an edited and incomplete Christianity, limited by those beliefs, (both biblical and orad tradition) which they took with them when they broke off with other Protestants who they disagreed with over Sola Scriptura interpretations of the Sciptures, they at least retained a few Catholic Truths, which brought me finally to the Catholic Church, and the understanding of the entire Truth as revealed by Christ Jesus. So far what they retained from Catholic teachings, even if by their own ignorance, I am grateful that God’s grace kept me on the path to His Church. Rather than waste time writing about things you are predjudiced against by your Hislop styled taskmasters, and false sect leaders who supply your twising of Scipture, I’ll spend the time adding a decade or two of the rosary to intentions for the scales to be removed from your eyes, while you ponder this site….hopefully with an honest heart open to the moving of the Holy Ghost…[url:1o4hbiqp]http://www.scripturecatholic.com/scripture_alone.html[/url:1o4hbiqp]

Don’t limit yourself, read the entire site. While you are doing that I’ll do something more worthwhile than arguing with someone invested in attacking without thinking things through, I’ll add another decade or two to the rosary for you.