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Mr. Weathers says:

[quote:mereg92o]Your quote We do it once a month so that it doesn’t become just a meaningless ritual

SHAME on you Ron if you think receiving the body and blood of Christ more then ONCE a month can become meaningless(you must of lost your senses),The body and blood of Christ should be received as many times as possible(daily would be great).There is a so called church in California that uses harden bread and Pepsi for communion and after the service a janitor sweeps up the crumbs on the floor and throws them away(can you believe that?)It’s true,anyhow it sad you broken away from the True meaning of communion.[/quote:mereg92o]

Shame on me yet you tell me that you are actually eating the body and blood of Jesus…. that’s a crime in itself for the meaning of Jesus was/is to remember how He took care of sins in our place one and for all. Doesn’t Matthew 15:11-17 make any difference to you what Jesus said? Please save the sympathy for yourselves as you really are deceived in and by your church on this and sooooooo many other spots.

Again, I’ve tried to explain, all I can do is to ask you to look at my website where I take each subject and use Scriptures to show you where you are being mislead.