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Mr LARoberts and Jon

I sent the following questions and comments to your website that LARoberts has and we’ll see what kind of answers they send back.
This is just FYI.

My questions sre about your claims to be “Tell(ing) You the Whole Truth About the Church and the Holy Bible?”

[quote:3tpb6p1r]I’d like to know how truthfull it is to make such a false statement as that in the first place when the evidence is overwhelmingly the opposite?

Such as:

1 – you say that you believe in Jesus Christ and that you say He died for us Which IS the truth, but then your church teaches that we need a purgatory?
He took care of my sins at Calvary and yours too if you’d have faith in that. Why do you teach of purgatory?

2 – You teach that God can hear and will answer all of our prayers which is true, and there is Scriptural facts to prove that, but then your church tells us we can pray to Mary and others. Why is that when Scriptures tell us differently?

3 – Your Church claims to give us the Bible yet I find in the Bible that God is the author and finisher of our faith with the Bible as being sufficient as the means of teaching us about His ways. Then tell me what other “whatever” writings or its author that has this”mind of God” that can even compare with the Bible as proof of your Churches claims to back that statement up.

4 – I challenge you to tell me where I am wrong on any of my articles at my website, Biblically speaking.

5 My comment is simply – What are you goimg to do about these points?[/quote:3tpb6p1r]