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Before being blasted for saying so, it is not MY Church, but the Body of Christ, who is the Head of the Church. With Peter, and his successors as the Vicars of our Lord.

That being said, and not knowing everything, but knowing where to find that knowledge, I did find the St. Charles Borromeo web-site very well constructed. Thank you Weather for sharing a good resource with everyone here. I found quite good the section on the Bible, it’s development and the divergences of the Protestants in the 15th Century to be a well written and scholarly. The booklet uses ample references to the Word of God, and replete with historical information. Most of all it is written so eveyone can understand it. Some of the more scholarly books I have read on the subject are very informative, but not comprehensable to those who have little exegetical training or backround.

For those who wish an honest discussion of the development of the Bible, the link is. [url:kpiaxljj][/url:kpiaxljj] Then click on the Tab labled “The Truth” Being from the “Bible Belt” The members of this congregation are more at home with the wide variety of doctrines and calumnies against Christ and His Church from “Bible Christians” even though many have hardened there hearts to God’s grace and the Teachings of Christ and His Church, people who seek God in all humilty and honsety will find this booklet something to ponder over. Others may benefit from taking their blood pressure medicine first, because it challanges the misinformation they have been fed from childhood about the Church.