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According to Ron, all we have to do is

[quote:ik2uvlsm]LARoberts, you can say whatever you wish but that won’t change the facts about your “religion.”

John 3:16 says that “whosoever believes will be saved.”


Well, among the first requirements of the Catholic Church is to believe on Christ Jesus. So based on the minimalist logic of the Fundie Evangelicals, Catholics as they Believe are “Saved”

Lets just set aside for a moment the fact that Ronism ingores the many instances in sacred scripture where we read that you must be born of water and the spirit, and that the Ethiopian after hearing the message of Christ wishes to be baptized without any delay. We don’t want to get into the entire families and crowds who hear the message and want to be baptized, where the scriptures do not support Ronism by saying, “Except Babies and Children.”

Oops, almost forgot to say, no offence Ron, just trying to educate you about the historical teachings of the Church that existed long before your beliefs where invented by men in the 16th Century, and even before the New Testament was written. Guess these folks where not saved either, as they held the same faith as the Catholic Church continues to hold, and they did not have ol King James and his mandated translation to misquote.
Then again, according to Ron’s actions, he is not held accountable. Ron can rant and rave that only he knows the truth and must thump us with his interpretation of the Bible, as only he knows the truth. I almost forgot for a moment that he is a “Bible Believer” so he can’t err, not is he held to the same standards as everyone else. He can judge us, but we can’t respond or we are brainwashed. He can yell at us, (in a cyber manner) but when we use the same tactics as he does, we are being mean and angry. Ronism gets quite a chuckle from those I’ve shared his rants with.