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It is much more simple to toss out things that are hard to believe, (as Jesus said in the Scriptures) to ignore the original languages and the culture, and context of the times. To edit out what we don’t want to see. To simply make life easy by rejecting anything that does not suit us, and brand it as brainwashing and non-biblical pagan influenced hogwash. To make myself as the only and ultimate authority, and reject anything I find does not suit myself, even the interpretation of other “Bible Believers” because I now have the God given authority to pronounce them as posing as Christians and not really be saved, based on my own personal relationship with Jesus. Wow I now feel free enough to say that you are not a Bible Christian in the manner God showed me when I was flipping through the Bible last night so I could come into your livingroom and start trashing you and your family. By the way, God reveled to me via the Scriptures last night that there is no authorization in the Bible for the use of Elecrical devices, computers, automobiles, or photographs. Your photograph must be removed from your webpage. Any family photos you have must be burned, as they are a violation of the making of any images of anything found in the heavens or on earth, and the midi device used on the web page is not a musical insturment mentioned in the Bible, so it is a non-Biblical tool of the Devil. Now all you have to do is change all your Bible beliefs to match the ones I have discovered through my self search through the Bible last night, and follow the way I interepret the Bible, or your soul will be damned forever, because you are not a Christian as the Bible alone told me. Oh yeah, God also told me to have you correct the inconsistancies on your webpage before you delete it as it is non-Biblical to have a web page.

Now that I have returned from going off the Bible Only Deep end, I’ll return to sanity and reaffirm Christ Jesus and His Church.