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LARoberts, you can say whatever you wish but that won’t change the facts about your “religion.”

John 3:16 says that “whosoever believes will be saved.”

On my website home page, I list all the verses that show Jesus bought, redeemed, purged, cleansed and did it all with His blood but your church says we need purgatory to take care of sins, or we must merit our salvation through our good works!

The Bible tells us not to go to the dead on behalf of the living that there’s no other mediator between God and man but for Jesus but your church tells you to pray tio Mary!

James 2:10 says that if you commit one sin you are guilty of all and Rev 21:27 tells us that no sin will get into Heaven – but your church tells us not to worry about venial sins

I could continue but you get my point – What is it about Jesus that you actually believe in? That’s what I’d like to know.