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Something like what was described is hard to protect against. I know in a parish I once attended Mass at someone broke into the tabernacle and scattered the hosts around the sanctuary. They where respectfully gathered by the Pastor, who cleaned the carpet at each spot on his hands and knees, he then disposed of the hosts in the manner prescribed by the Church, (they where dissolved in water and put into the sacrarium) the Blessed Sacrament was for a time kept in the Rectory, and as a parish we held devotions in reparation for the insults to our Lord throughout the world.

In a case like this woman, if she could be stopped, and taken somewhere with some of the women of the parish and given a clean set of clothing, and her clothing rinsed in the sacrarium and then returned to her. In the mean time do a little education on how to act properly in a Catholic Church, and let her know she is welcome to attend Mass and instruction if she can maintain herself. (At least that I what I would suggest.)