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[quote:2w3h1xun]their appears to be a difference from the Biblical truth and what you’ve claimed to be the truth. Why is that Mr. Roberts?[/quote:2w3h1xun]

No contradiction between what the Bible says and what the Catholic Church Teaches. As what the Catholic Church Teaches is what the Apostles recieved from their master, Christ Jesus. It is the Faith they taught before the first words of the New Testament was written, it is the faith that the Bible taught before Protestants tossed out books that Christians had believed to be authentically Scripture 1500 years after the Church was founded. The contradiction and changes where those that came about in the 1500s when those who abridged the teachings of Christ based on no “Biblical” foundation expunged the history of the Church in order to establish their own personal interpretations and re-write the Bible to say what they wanted it to say. Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it seems to be apt when it comes to your arguments, (or rather the arguments you have appropriated from other anti-catholics.)

I’ve read “your” objections, as well as having read from cover to cover many of the anti-catholic books and tracts that you derive the arguments from. I have not found any of them compelling when compaired to the Sciptures, nor have I found the arguments you copy from others to have any resemblance to what the Early Church taught from the time of the Apostles or their successors. It just does not follow that Christ would allow His Church to believe one set of dogmatic truths for 1500 years and then abandon His Church to the inventions of the Sola Scriptura crowd, who can’t agree among each other anyhow.

But I’m continuing to pray that your spiritual myopia is corrected soon. Or that you will at least let God judge the souls of others rather than being the self appointed judge of everyone else. (Is that a speck you see in our eyes?)