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Let’s start with your first misleading, misquoted twisting of the truth to fit your own perversion of what is really written Ron. If need be someone who cares to debate with someone who is duplicitious in their bating and flim flam can waste their time with you.

You run togeather your own lies with the authentic text of the Catechism as is the habit of Anti-Catholics in history. You mislead people by including the following quote as if it is part of the Catechism….”Truth is based on Scripture, Tradition, and the Pope” By appending it to the CCC you imply that it is part of the CCC, as usual it is a simpleminded ploy to divert from the text a misleading statement. Not only do you twist the truth, but you do so in a most dishonest manner. One thing you have proven is that the truth is of little importance when it comes to attempting to prove yourself correct. Is it any wonder you don’t get answers to distorted questions?