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Ron, aside from your lack of nettiquite, the fact that your questions have been answered multiple times, with charity and honesty, and at times with directness but you have refused to accept the answers does not mean that they have not been answered, nor that anyone has the obligation to reply to the same twisting of facts that you are so proficient at. I can’t speak for others, but I myself am ready to follow our Lord, and when I see an IRONic IED lobbed into the About Catholics forum, I’m ready to shake the dust off my feet, and leave the Protestant dud of a bomb lay where it may. Who knows God may send some rain, and we can use it as fertilizer.

I’d reply to your postings that have been replied to in the past, however truth, honsety, logic, historical fact, and Scriptural interpretation based on the language that the text was written in seem to make no difference to you and the position that you are invested in.