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LARoberts says:
For we read in the Bible that Jesus said to the Apostles when he laid hands on them, “who’s sins you forgive they are forgiven, who’s sins you retain they are retained.” Jn 20:23. [/quote:vywh0lft]
Jesus said that but that isn’t giving them any sort of “Power” for He knows that He taught them the gospel and when they witness to others that theyed have the smarts to tell people if their beliefs were right or wrong, thus their sins were or weren’t forgiven.

[quote:vywh0lft]This same authority given to the Apostles is what every bishop and priest today is given at ordination. The authority, (some use the term power, however as the term can be corrupted and made to sound as if it is a form of magic, or a personal posession of the priest of his own authority, and not what it really is the authority given by Christ Jesus to his Apostles and their successors we will use authority here.)[/quote:vywh0lft]
yes that is what Catholics have been taught to believe. But this like many other “traditions” of your church are not Biblical and must be rejected.

[quote:vywh0lft] No Christian would deny that Jesus being truly God and truly man, had the authority to forgive sins.[/quote:vywh0lft]
I agree

[quote:vywh0lft]Being God Incarnate, Jesus also had the authority to delegate the authority to forgive sins. Which is what he did in John 20:23. [/quote:vywh0lft]
God/Jesus can do anything but break His own words for He is the same yestersay today and tomorrow. His word establishes that only God can Judge and only God can forgive sins. This is based upon weither or not that person has placed their faith in what Jesus did at Calvary (see John 3:36 and 3:16-18) not on gouing to a priest for confession.
No properly instructed Catholic believes that a priest forgives sins based on his own authority, but rather on the authority given by Christ to His Church, and given within the office of the priest and bishop. [/quote:vywh0lft]
You mean no regular person until they get brain-washed?

[quote:vywh0lft]It is for this reason that won’t play any more scriptural Slight of Hand tricks with the same Protestant arguments that have been answered time and time again. I can’t answer for anyone else here. [/quote:vywh0lft]
Your Church still does the scriptural slight of hand tricks! So please save the humility act
At the risk of being told by the infallible Ron that the books that I have suggested are evil, because they point out scriptural support for the teachings of the Catholic Church, that have remained the same since Christ Jesus founded the Church, (I’ll use the word power here)[/quote:vywh0lft]
But Jesus did not start the “Catholic” church – it is a result of another Scriptures twist of Matthew 16:18 that you make that claim

[quote:vywh0lft]These books must have some sort of power to cause Ron to fear them, and condemn them as being evil when he has not read them yet. But here it goes, good books to read on the subject of answers to the perennial false accusationas against the Catholic Church, written by former “Bible Christians” who became true Bible Christians when they became Catholics…[/quote:vywh0lft]
I do not fear them for they aren’t even written by your church people but by lay people that swallowed the same garbage as you’ve said.

[quote:vywh0lft] Rather than type out all the reasons why your arguments are false, I suggest you look for these books at your local library so you don’t have to pay money that may go to the Roman Catholic Church, you will need the money to put into the collection plate when God’s grace wears you down and brings you back to Him and His Church. [/quote:vywh0lft]
God already has me in His church, I’m already a believer and He has no intentions on letting me slip back into Catholicism.
Evangelical is not Enough
Rome Sweet Home
A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (Dave Armstrong)
The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants (Dave A
By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition
Surprised by Truth: 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic [/quote:vywh0lft]

everyone of these books were written by people that have rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what He did at Calvary. Be it Thomas Howard Mark Shea, Dave Armstong or even Scott Hahn, they all were former protastants turned catholic the perfect fit for they know the beliefs of true Christians. Figures that is why they’re so good at apologetics. But Matthew 24:24 Jesus warns of the last day deceptions being that convincing. With this in mind, lets look behind the scenes at Scott Hahn to see how or why they changed.

http://www.bereanbeacon.org/RC_Apologis … ostasy.pdf

Note: this is found on Richard Bennett’s website. He is a former priest who became an evengelical born-again Bible believer. Something you won’t find acceptable in Roman Catholicism This is his story:

http://www.bereanbeacon.org/articles_pd … timony.pdf