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I watched it to see if it was going to be as bad as was predicted.

I think it would be more jarring to the Sola Scriptura crowd. Well schooled Catholics would easily pick up the fabrications they have made to history. Some of the statements, (note without any references to authors of the fictional history) they made about historians who now believe that Mary Magadaline was the mother of a child with Jesus, and apocryphal gospels etc, or even gnostic texts without explaining to the crowd who either ignores history as a “Catholic invention” or is blinded by the Bottiners and Hislop and Foxes book of Martyrs rewrites of history are unaware that they “History” they where quoting was A: minority opinon that was written as late as the 18th Century by those who wanted to attack the documented Catholic teachings, and B: is primarily a bunch of Anti-Papal conspiracy theories based on legends and ideas condemned by Catholic Councils and Popes because it denied that our Lord rose from the dead both body and soul.

A Catholic who is even moderatly trained or has at least been exposed to the Fathers of the Church, and Church History would easily see the contraditions to what has always been taught, and the mis-quoting of the Bible. While it may help to know Hebrew, Greek and Latin most of the assertions made by the filmaker who was not schooled in the latter two, and only in modern Hebrew in the case of the former one could easily see through the word jumble they tried to play.

I could go on, but then again, I have already risked being labled as brainwashed by the Pope for believing in the Ressurection of our Lord because A:The Church has always taught it B: The bible, a product of the Catholic Church in cooperation with the Holy Ghost corrolates what the Church taught before it was written, and C: My total brainwashing by the Jesuits, (or whichever group a Sola Scriptura self made Pope wants to blame, brands me with.