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Mr. LARoberts says:

[quote:2pyj0bwe]The truth is the Church is many things, it is a source of grace for the fallen, it is support for the weak, it is a breeding ground for saints, and it is a hiding place where satan who has tried over the ages to bring it down [/quote:2pyj0bwe]
Yet when I try to point out that this is exactly what Roman Catholicism has done, you’ll all deny it! Why?

[quote:2pyj0bwe]sends his minions in order to shake the faith of the Body of Christ, by planting bad seeds, and persuading people weak in faith to leave and start their own sects because as satan did with Adam and Eve,[/quote:2pyj0bwe]
AS your church has done and is currently doing BIG time! Can’t you see the difference?

[quote:2pyj0bwe] he fills them with the idea that they know better,[/quote:2pyj0bwe]
I never said I was better, but I know that I am saved, and I wish you’d be too!

[quote:2pyj0bwe] and rather than submitting to the authority God put in place when He founded His Church, they become their own authority jettisoning everything that was believed from the time of the Apostles and[/quote:2pyj0bwe]
That is what your church claims but when looking at the Bible, where God has spoken about everything, you’ll say that “the Bible does not have the authority,” we can see the many ways that your Church has twisted things!

[quote:2pyj0bwe]inventing new doctrines, tickling mens ears with ideas novel and attractive [/quote:2pyj0bwe]
Like Purgatory, the Mass, Transubstantiation, priests that claim “to have the power,” sacraments, praying to Mary and saints……

[quote:2pyj0bwe]like Just believe and claim Jesus as your personal savior,[/quote:2pyj0bwe]
Believe in Him means to follow Him and His Word, not additions and traditions as your Church teaches… and you follow your catechism which also talks out of both sides of its mouth

[quote:2pyj0bwe]Reject the Catholic Church and you’ll be saved.[/quote:2pyj0bwe]
Reject Catholism and not join another apostic church, accepting what Jesius did at Calvary once and for all is the only way of salvation, not by works lest any man boasts!

[quote:2pyj0bwe]You are still in my prayers, and our Blessed Mother wants you back for her Son Jesus too.[/quote:2pyj0bwe]
Mary has nothing to do with my salvation today –
Acts 4:12 – 12 [color=red:2pyj0bwe]Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved[/color:2pyj0bwe]
1 Timothy 2:5 – [color=red:2pyj0bwe]For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,[/color:2pyj0bwe]