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As usual your venom has totally overlooked the facts and you have twisted them into your own private misrepresentations. If I suspend hope that you will one day open your heart to the Authentic Jesus, who around AD 33 founded the Church on Simon, who He re-named Peter, I know that our Lord and His Mother will not give up hope in your eventual return to the Faith. Otherwise your anger, and continued twisting of the truth is not worth my time.

[quote:3cpy0fxr]and many other good ones including mine

I’ve read them, and your web page, filled with poorly written gibberish, based not on the authentic nor historical facts, nor on a proper understanding of history or the scriptures. You decry Catholic History as being brainwashing, the tripe you offer is a waste of the paper it is written on.

You are a sad and angry man. So full of hate. Very sad, very sad indeed.

However I’ll still remember the intention of your soul when I pray my rosary tonight. I may not know what to do with you, but you can bet our Lady will.