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Mr. LARoberts stated

[quote:1sf5xu0e]Ron, your addition of the verse adds nothing to the conversation, nor does it prove your point[/quote:1sf5xu0e]

Why is that? Is it because you and so many others that have been taught not to question the Catholic Church, so you don’t and you just swallow whatever they tell you to think, act and say? I’d say that ts a Good thing
that you didn’t buy into Mormonism or the JW’s, but there isn’t any difference– there remains only one solution and knowing that Jesus died for us doesn’t help when you don’t believe in what He died for.

You didn’t think I’d buy into your history lesson, did you? It is just more of the same garbage that they tried to tell us in grade school!!! Fortunately I decided to check Scriptures for the truth and the facts.