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[quote:e4w8cwqf]we KNOW it is God’s Word and no one, I repeat no one, can give me any other book that carries as much authority as Scripture alone does![/quote:e4w8cwqf]

The problem Ron is “Someone” yes I say it again, “Someone” has the authority to tell you. Being blind to the Biblical History, you omit the point in the early Church where based on a consensus of the Early Church Fathers, and through the Guidance of the Holy Ghost a council the Catholic Church chose from among the many books circulating at the time and held by individual communities of Christians what books where inspired and what books would be rejected as Inspired. It is on that basis you have the texts ordered as they are. Why do they have this authority, well simply because Christ Jesus founded a visible Church on the Apostles with Peter as the leader of that said Church, and He gave Peter and the Apostles that authority. If anyone is ignoring the Sacredness of the Bible, and the authority it carries it is not the Catholic Church.

If we follow the illogic of the Protestant “Bible Beliver” and Sola Sciptura and we look into the history of the early Church before the books of the Bible where determined we and buy the invention of Protestant theologians that the Church is an invisible collection of true believers. That only the individual can have assurance of his own salvation based on a split second commitment to Christ and accepting Him as their savior. Then we are posed with this question, did the Catholic Church leave out books that where accepted by these believers when they rejected other letters and books written by the Apostles and other writers who heard Christ Jesus for themselves. And Did Christ Jesus (form the Bible) instruct anyone to write anything, or did He tell him to preach the gospel, (Good News) to the ends of the earth, something only done so far by the Catholic Church.

Your premise of The Bible is the word of God because I as a believer say so, combined with your shrieks of You don’t know the Bible, Only I do. Add to that the “Don’t quote me out of context, but I can quote any single text, based on how I interpret, (or more likley how the books I have read by other protestants, since none of your arguments are novel, but rather the same old dusty arguments of anti-catholic writers of the past two centuries, sometimes word for word) are as Luther said of the Epistle of James, as straw, easily blown away by the wind.

Rather than shrieking at you, you remain in my prayers,

Corde Immaculata Maria, Ora pro nobis, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae, Amen.